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My vocation: higher education. My avocations: cooking and books.


When I began this blog, I was a professor who cooked in upstate New York (what Michael Barkun called the burned over district -- the 19th century home to abolitionism, women's rights, new religious movements like Mormons, and other agents of social change). Now it's a hot food and wine area too. I taught religious studies and women's studies to college students. And I read a lot -- cook books, murder mysteries, religion, and feminism and the ways all these come together to make for danger, delight, and social change. Today I was renamed: bibliochef!

Since starting the blog, I moved on to leadership at the only liberal arts college located within the city limits of Chicago: Shimer College. So, now I cook there too and bibliochef has been. . . well, outed.

And not one of the views here is anything other than mine, hence this disclaimer -- these are not the views of my employer.